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FlyingMonk is all about travel...


FlyingMonk licenses HD/4K stock travel footage, travel photography, travel videos and clips as travel content from around the world.

From ancient cities and archeological sites, to religious places, reenacted traditions and architectural gems, we acquire SD/HD stock travel footage and travel images and we deliver this travel content on any media and format to your travel related business.

With hundreds of hours of HD stock travel footage and thousands of travel images, FlyingMonk is ready to be your projects' main resource of HD media content from broadcast to the web.

FlyingMonk produces independent long form travel videos formatted as travelogues about cultural destinations around the world as seen by independent travelers. Flyingmonk's goal is to produce travel videos with an emphasis on the cultural aspects of a travel destination in order to raise the awareness of the travelers and increase the role of the independent cultural travel.




FlyingMonk's independent long form travel videos are formatted as travelogues about cultural destinations around the world as seen by independent travelers. The emphasis that is put on these videos is on presenting a destination from all cultural points of view, from architecture, to religion, ethnic, festivals, people, etc.




FlyingMonk licenses SD/HD travel footage from lots of destinations around the world for an entire range of projects from broadcast to the web. You can search our database and the Video Frame Report shows just a selection of the inventory of video frames for that particular destination that we have in our library.

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FlyingMonk Films licenses edited sequences overlaid with the client's logo from various locations around the world.
 This line of products is oriented towards businesses in need of web content, YouTube channels or for multimedia presentations. 
The sequences, ranging between 60-180 seconds....

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Book Launch

Cartea Povestilor Uitate: From India to Cuba

"Cartea povestilor uitate/The book of the forgotten stories"

De la pelerinajele religioase din Tibet la peisajele suprarealiste ale desertului american din statele din sud-vest. Din inaltimile altiplanoului peruvian pe care Inca si-au construit imperiul la indienii kuna uitati pe atolurile din marea Caraibelor; de la o Indie incremenita in istorie la o Cuba, ca un muzeu viu pastrata asa de embargoul american. Cartea este publicata deocamdata numai in limba Romana.

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Latest News

Jul 8: FlyingMonk published its first book about the fascinating world of travel

Jun 5, 12: FlyingMonk attended Optic 2016 Travel and Outdoor Conference and ACSIL Archival footage conference

May 30: Shooting session in Cape Cod, MA

Apr 30: The annual visit in Las Vegas for the NAB was combined this year with a more extensive shoot in Los Angeles and in Arizona.

Mar 9: We just returned from another shoot in Cuba before "the change" and from Mexico. 4K footage of a tour in Havana.

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