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Saint Martin - Sint Maarten


In 1648 a party of French and one of Dutch that were living for a while on the island decided to divide the island in two parts. The French came here to cultivate tobacco and the Dutch to collect salt. The tradition said that two walkers were supposed to come from the see shore and meet in the middle and where they meet the border would be established. If the walkers ran or not is not known but the end result is that the French part is larger than the Dutch side. The tradition said the French drank wine as a stimulant and the Dutch gin, and because of this the Dutch were more sluggish advancing…..

But in spite of this arrangement both parties tried to occupy it completely one after the other, with the English in between.

Currently Saint Martin, the French side of the island, is a separate overseas community of France and Sint Marteen, the Dutch part, is part of the Kingdom of Netherlands.


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Saint Martin Stock

2.5 hours of HD stock footage from these locations:

Grande Casse, Marigot, Philipsburg, Maho Bay

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