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Bosnia & Hercegovina


Out of countries that came out of the old Yugoslavia, Bosnia & Hercegovina took the brunt of the war. The population diversity composed of Serbs, Croats and Muslims was in a way the reason of the nationalistic leaders from Belgrade. The worst happened here with concentration camps and genocide, the one in Srebenica still lingering as a shameful stain on the European face. The scars of the wars are all over from the gutted villages of Republika Srpska, where the fight between the serb and croat villages transformed this area in a territory of death to the gutted buildings of Mostar and Sarajevo that stand proof of an unprecedented aggression over a city that just years ago represented the symbol of peace and unity as an olympic city. But Sarajevo is more than alive today, with a life loving diverse population that doesn't make differences and hang out till late hours in front of chai cups in Bascarsija, the heart of the city. A little bit south is Mostar, with its famous bridge Stari Most, destroyed also by the Yugoslav army bombardments but reconstructed proudly by its citizens. Mostar preserve also the air of middle eastern bazaar with its pebbled streets where artisans work incessantly. Bosnia is also a place of miracles in Medjugorje, one of the most important places of pilgrimage and for sure the most recent, when since 1981 people see the apparition of Virgin Mary and in Visoko where the large perfect shaped pyramid hills with underground tunnels pose questions about their builders.


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Apr 22: Just returned from three weeks shoot in Australia. We shot in the outback, around Uluru and Kata Tjuta to the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree National Forest, in Melbourne and the impressive Great Ocean Road and Sydney.

Feb 21: Back from the India shoot: Mumbai, Nasik, Shirdi, the Ellora and Ajanta caves, Aurangabad and Pune. We continued to Hampi, ending in the old Portuguese colony Goa.

Feb 7: Left for a two week shoot in India around Mumbai, Hampi and Goa.

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2 hours of HD footage from these locations:

Pocitelj, Medjugorje, Mostar, Sarajevo, Rep Skrpska

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