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From the impressive cascades of the North to the breeze regions of the South, Argentina has it all. The romance of the Far South Patagonia enchanted the minds of many for decades. The large expanse of “nothing” can only challenge the imagination that tries to force in stories. But beside the large expanse are the natural wonders of the Patagonian Andes, from pristine glaciers and alpine lakes to snow covered peaks and ancient forests, Patagonia representing one of the worlds few remaining truly remote areas whose rugged beauty never stops to intrigue you.
We traveled in this remote part of the world and visited the fascinating glaciers of Parque Nacional Los Glaciares where Perito Moreno has its exquisite place. We hiked the forest paths that bring you at the base of the famous peaks around El Chalten, Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre.

From there we flew to Tierra del Fuego, a region spread between Chile and Argentina, where we hiked again in Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego and sailed to watch the amazing wild life of the Beagle Canal, on whose shore rest the city of Ushuaia, Fin del Mundo, the way the locals call it, with its dreaded old time prison.

Between tango and soccer, Buenos Aires breathes its long summer days adoring 
its main three icons, Evita, Che and Maradona. For a first viewer the city is more than impressive, with its wide boulevards and remarkable architectural treasures. Restaurants are staying late till hours that I could not discover and their patrons start to congregate for dinner at 11pm for a delicious and over-sized  "lomo" and a bottle of Mendoza wine.
You can spend each evening you are in the city in a different "barrio" and your experience would be completely different like you would visit various cities. 
We visit the majestic buildings of the Microcenter, with the Congress, Casa Rosada and its old cafes like the famous Café Tortoni. From there is just a just a short walk to the very modern world of the new renovated lofts and glitzy restaurants of Puerto Madero, spanned by the elegant lit bridge designed by Calatrava.
A world apart from it is Palermo, with its elegant boutiques and cozy restaurants or the  more elegant Recoletta where its cemetery may not sound like a hip attraction but the funerary monuments and its alleys are impressive even for the most adventurous and adrenaline addicted type of travelers.
 The tango and soccer lives intensely in La Boca and San Telmo, where the tango is danced at every corner and restaurant and the papier-mache statues of Maradona adorns the balconies of the "fauve" colorful buildings. The heart of La Boca, Caminito, dangerous during the night, is flooded with tourists during the day that latter on, move from the street tango to the sumptuous interiors of the famous tango places of San Telmo.

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Apr 22: Just returned from three weeks shoot in Australia. We shot in the outback, around Uluru and Kata Tjuta to the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree National Forest, in Melbourne and the impressive Great Ocean Road and Sydney.

Feb 21: Back from the India shoot: Mumbai, Nasik, Shirdi, the Ellora and Ajanta caves, Aurangabad and Pune. We continued to Hampi, ending in the old Portuguese colony Goa.

Feb 7: Left for a two week shoot in India around Mumbai, Hampi and Goa.

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Argentina Stock

8 hours of HD stock footage from these locations:

Patagonia, Calafate, Chalten, Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre, Lago Argentino, Perito Moreno, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Beagle Canal, Buenos Aires,