Thailand: The Road to Chiang Mai


This travel video is a 2 hour presentation of the culture and traditions of Thailand. Our intention was to show an interesting and pretty intense itinerary, which we were able to cover in about 3 weeks. We wanted to shoot a travelog, a long form documentary about this particular trip making it different from the regular documentaries you may see on TV . We covered a lot of ground in the narration associated with the film: from history to legends, architecture and traditions, customs and religions we tried as much as possible to approach most of the issues you encounter in such a trip.

The travel video is the result of a lot of research and documentation we did before we left there, but also of a lot of information we got on site, talking to people or listening to the stories coming from the guides. We shot a lot of footage and we ended up editing it to make a very pleasant and attractive presentation.

If you have any intention to visit these areas or other parts of Thailand, or if you know for sure that you will never get there, watching this film will bring you the experience of being half there.

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The Road to Chiang Mai

Road to Chiang Mai

The Road to Chiang Mai is a 2 hour presentation of the culture and traditions of Thailand It is a complete version that includes 3 separate videos. It covers the following itinerary: Bangkok, Ayuthaia, Sachalanai, Sukothai, Lampung, Chiang Mai, Golden Triangle, Eastern Thailand, Koh Samet, Rachabury. © 2005

120 minutes

DVD - $49.95


Bangkok, Oriental City

Bangkok, Oriental City

"Bangkok, Oriental City” brings you inside Bangkok, the present capital of the Thailand. We visit the famous Buddhist temples of the city containing gold statues and the famous reclining Buddha, the city palaces and exotic markets, taking also a trip on the canals that penetrate the city that have on floating markets. ©2005


48' - DVD - $24.95

Tranquil Buddhas

Tranquil Buddhas

Tranquil Buddhas” brings the viewer to the old capitals of Siam, the name Thailand used to be called. We visit Ayuthaia, its oldest capital, Si Satchalanai-Chaliang, an interesting archeological area and Sukhotai, an old capital full of tranquil statues of Buddha on lakes full of lotus flowers ending our tour at the temple of Lampang. ©2005

Ayuthaia, Si Sachalanai, Sukothai, Lampang

30' - DVD - $24.95

Hill Tribes, Poppy Cultures and Ancient Khmers

Hill Tribes, Poppy Cultures and Ancient Khmers

Hill Tribes, Poppy Cultures and Ancient Khmers” starts in Chiang Mai continuing to the Golden Triangle, a land where Thailand, Burma and Laos meet. We jump further towards East to visit Phanom Rung and Phimai temples. After a little rest on the island of Koh Sa Met we end our tour in the floating markets of Rachaburi Province. ©2005

Chiang Mai, Phimai, Koh Samet, Floating Markets

47' - DVD - $24.95