Tibet: "From Lhasa to Kailash"


The Lhasa-Kailash Series nine travel videos represent a foray into the intense spiritual life and traditions of Tibet.

The five videos about Lhasa is a detailed descent into the main city in Tibet, whose temple and monasteries represents also the heart of Tibetan Buddhism. We covered and talk in depth about all the pilgrimage places in the capital and around, monasteries, temples, nunneries, palaces trying to peek inside a world that would unfortunately soon disappear. What connects all these spiritual places is the deep religious devotion of Tibetans who come from each and every corner of the country to make offers and walk around these places.

As you move west of Lhasa the other two main cities of Tibet you discover, Shigatse and Gyantse, are impressive places of Tibetan learning and devotion. We cover these two cities, each in one travel video, extolling the beauty and the intricate recent history and intrigues hidden behind the walls of the famous Tashilhumpo monastery in Shigatse, the seat of the Panchen Lama, the official teacher of the Dalai Lama and the one who would pick his successor. Several hours away is Gyantse, the third largest Tibetan city, whose menacing fortress towers over its expansive monastery that has in its middle the Kumbum whose dark rooms are decorated in hundreds of religious images.

Further we drove several days in a row on dirt roads through Western Tibet to get to Mount Kailash, the place of the most important pilgrimage in Tibet. We tell the story of this pilgrimage around the mountain that is holy for four religions, believers from Tibet, India and Nepal venerating the place and walking numerous days around it. While walking around the mountain with these pilgrims we delve into its significance and traditions, superstitions and customs.

From Kailash we drove to another impressive pilgrimage place, as important as Mount Kailash. The pilgrimage around Lake Manasarovar, a five day walk around the lake located at 4600 meters, was mentioned in the old Indian Purana writings thousands years ago. We take a respite at Chiu monastery located on the lake's shores and move on to Nyalam, at the border with Nepal and further to Rongbu Monastery, the highest monastery in the world, located at the base of Mount Everest. And because we are so close to the base camp we decided to hike also part of the route towards the peak, same route taken by the alpine expeditions that climb the mountain in the month of May of each year.

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Kailash is a video about a pilgrimage to the holiest mountain for Tibetan Buddhists, Shiva followers, Jain and Bon religions, located in Western Tibet. Constantly surrounded by pilgrims turning their sutra wheels in their hands and by yaks loaded with gear and food, we sleep in high altitude monasteries, eventually reaching a prayer flag covered pass, Drolma La, at 5630 meters. ©2017

Kailash kora

60' - DVD - $29.95

Manasarovar to Everest

Mansarovar to Everest

Manasarovar to Everest is a video about a pilgrimage to Lake Manasarovar, the holiest lake in Western Tibet. From the lake we drove to Ronghbu Monastery, the highest monastery in the world from where we start a hike to Camp 1 in the Everest and returning towards Lhasa through a high pass from where we can see a cross section of the entire Himalayan range. ©2017

Manasarovar, Everest

48' - DVD - $24.95

Lhasa: Jokhang

Lhasa: Jokhang

Lhasa is the religious heart of Tibet and in its center is the most important temple from the entire country, Jokhang Temple.
Around it, is the famous Barkhor where pilgrims come to do circumambulations around the temple to cleanse their


27' - DVD - $24.95

Lhasa: Drepung-Sera-Nechung

Lhasa: Drepung-Sera-Nechung

The most famous monasteries in Lhasa are Drepung, that used to be the seat of the Dalai Lama till the building of the Potala, and Sera Me, where religious debates take place every day. Close by is Nechung monastery that used to house the Tibet oracle who was predicting every beginning of the year the fate of the nation. ©2013


29' - DVD - $24.95

Lhasa: Ganden-Sakia


Ganden monsatery is the seat of the Gelupka, the Yellow-Hat school of Tibetan Buddhism, the main player in the current development of the religion in Tibet. Sakia used to be all powerful during the Mongolian Yuan dynasty, its abbots being able to spread Tibetan Buddhism at the court of Kublai Khan eventually converting the Mongols. ©2013


27' - DVD - $24.95

Lhasa: Potala-Norbulingka

Lhasa: Potala-Norbulingka

Potala palace started to be built in the 17 century and became the seat of the Tibetan government till 1959 when Lhasa was occupied during a revolt that drove Dalai Lama to leave the country. Norbulingka is the summer palace, a complex of gardens and palaces, that used to house the Tibetan government during the summer months. ©2013


26' - DVD - $24.95

Lhasa: Monasteries & People


Just a walk on the outskirts of Lhasa is Pabonka, a reclusive hermitage where the first alphabet of the country was crafted. Lhasa's Tibetan quarter is full of monasteries, temples and nunneries and a walk through its side streets and alleys is probably one of the most charming experience in Lhasa. ©2013

Monasteries & People

30' - DVD - $24.95

Shigatse: Tashilhunpo

Shigatse: Tashilhunpo

Leaving the border with Nepal we drove over 5000 meter mountain passes to Shigatse. Its famous Tashilhunpo monastery is the seat of the Panchen Lama, the second most important religious leader of Tibet. His influence plays a critical role even today that may influence the spiritual future of the country. ©2013

Shigatse: Tashilhunpo

28' - DVD - $24.95

Gyantse: Kumbum

Gyantse: Kumbum

Gyantse is known as the last Tibetan town because the Han colonization somehow skirted the city. It used to be the third largest town in the country and its famous Kumbum are proofs of this glorious past. Kumbum, means "100000 images" and its numerous chapels are packed with painted and sculpted deities . ©2013

Gyantse: Kumbum

24' - DVD - $24.95


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